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Should I Refinish or Replace My Bathtub?

green and white bathroom with classic tub

Whether you’re living in your first apartment out of college, your first home with your significant other, or a homey house with your four kids, it can be difficult to stay up to speed with leaks, drips, and other problem areas in your home. Home repairs can take a lot of time and become costly. If you put them off for too long however, they can go from quick fixes to huge problems. When it comes to your tub, how do you know whether you should fix or replace it? These easy questions to help you make your decision.

Can your tub be easily uninstalled?

The type of tub you have will impact how difficult it will be replace. While some tubs can be easily picked up and carried out of your bathroom with a few strong people, others will be a lot more difficult and will require a professional’s help. If it’s going to be a huge production to get a new tub into your bathroom, resurfacing may be your best option. Our detailed process for updating your tub won’t take long and will benefit you and your family for years to come.

What is your tub made of? Does it have any visible or questionable damage?

Cast-Iron, steel, and fiberglass tubs are ideal for resurfacing, and most other materials can be refinished as well. If your tub is very old and has dents, rust, or other noticeable damaged areas, refinishing may not fix the problem. In these situations, a professional opinion may be necessary to determine the severity of the damage and whether it can be fixed or if replacement is a better option.  

Are you planning to sell or remodel your home soon?

Kitchen and bath updates are among the top fixes that can add value to your home. If you’re planning to remodel your entire bathroom anyway, that may be an opportune time to replace your bathtub. If you’re going to change up your bathroom’s look anyway, a new tub should be on your list of considerations. If you’re looking to update your tub but not your entire bathroom, refinishing may be the way to go as it is a shorter term process with great results.

How is the tile of surrounding your tub?

The tile surrounding your tub is another factor to take into account. Replacing your bathtub also means replacing the tile surrounding it. If this tile is cracked or otherwise damaged, it might be a good time to replace both the tile and the tub. If the tile is not damaged but off color or looking a bit aged, surrounding tile can be easily updated without completely replacing it. If you’re looking to update both your tile and your tub including color corrections and refinishing, our team at Seattle Bathtub Guy is happy to help.

What’s your budget?

Budgets are another key factor to take into account. Although the price of a new tub alone may not seem too steep, there are many steps involved in the installation process for tubs. This can include demolition of the old tub, plumbing costs, and installation costs. If you’re not looking to make a giant investment but you do want a fresh looking tub, refinishing may be your answer. Refinishing will take less time and have great results if you’re looking to update your bathroom without too much hassle and time.

Most homeowners want their home to retain its maximum value. Most homeowners also have a million other things on their minds. While bathtubs should be a place to relax and get rid of worries, they can also be a place of caution if gone without restorative care for too long. If you’re interested in refinishing your bathtub or updating the tile in your bathroom, contact Seattle Bathtub Guy today!

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