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Bathtub Refinishing: Commonly Asked Questions

Chips, cracks, and stains – if you’ve got an older bathtub, there’s a good chance you see at least one of these every day. Unfortunately, these imperfections do more than just look bad. Leaving damaged portions of your bathtub untreated can cause further damage and end up costing you more money in the long run. The good news is that Seattle Bathtub Guy can help.

Should I Get a Full Refinish or a Spot Repair?

Our approach is designed to ensure the long-term quality of your tub and save you money at the same time. Whereas many bathtub repair specialists prominently advertise their bathtub refinishing services, the truth is that the majority of repairs can be completed without a complete refinish.

If your bathtub still has the original factory finish, Seattle Bathtub Guy can do a spot repair on the surface of the bathtub and retain that original finish. It’s the best way to ensure the longest lifespan for your bathtub because refinished tubs are about 50% more susceptible to damage than bathtubs with their original finish.

Should I Replace My Bathtub Instead?

It’s very unlikely that a full bathtub replacement will be necessary. Get a second opinion because the cost of replacement (plus the mess and amount of time it takes) can far exceed the cost of a bathtub refinish. It’s a hefty investment that should be carefully considered.

Hiring a professional bathtub refinisher or repair specialist can save you thousands of dollars compared to a complete replacement. Avoid replacing your bathtub without first consulting with a specialist on the condition of your tub.

What Happens if I Scratch my New Bathtub Finish?

At Seattle Bathtub Guy, we take the extra step and fix the first chip in your new finish – free of charge!

When you’re ready to get started, contact Seattle Bathtub Guy to schedule an appointment.