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5 Pro-Tips For Cleaning Your Bathtub

A relaxing soak in the tub can be the perfect end to a stressful day. If your tub is covered in grime and dirt, however...

spacious bathroom with bathtub in the middle and marble tiles

A relaxing soak in the tub can be the perfect end to a stressful day. If your tub is covered in grime and dirt, however, that will most likely make your soak a lot less relaxing. Whether your tub has suffered from kids coming in from playing in the dirt all summer, has a soap scum build up, or just simply hasn’t been cleaned in a while, cleaning your bathtub is always a good idea.  Rather than letting bacteria build up in your soaking station, follow these easy pro-tips for cleaning your tub.

1. Start With a Quick Rinse

The easiest place to start when cleaning your bathtub is with warm water, sponge, and squeegee, which can help remove the top layer of dirt and grime from your tub. Simply fill the tub with some warm water, scrub gently with a sponge, and then let the water drain and squeegee the tub dry.

2. Scrub The Tub

Once the top level of grime has been rinsed and removed from your tub, the next step is to scrub the tub with a cleaning solution. Whether you have a favorite all-purpose bathroom cleaner or prefer the greenest and most eco-friendly solutions, there are many approaches you can take to this process. Some popular bathtub cleaning products and solutions include:

3. Give Your Drain Some Attention

You don’t have to wait until your drain starts backing up to give it some attention. Unclogging drains is never a fun process, but doing some regular maintenance of your drain can prevent huge clogs down the road. Manually removing hair and other buildup from your drain on a regular basis can keep it from building up in your pipes. Creating a baking soda, salt, and vinegar solution can be another easy way to clear up your drains from time to time without allowing them to have a huge backup.

4. Clean Your Curtain

No bathtub cleaning is complete without also evaluating the areas surrounding your tub and shower. Your shower curtain can be a huge mold hazard, so making sure you stretch it out to dry when you’re finished showering can make a huge difference. If your shower curtain is already moldy, there are many ways to kill the mold and keep it dry (or simply replace your curtain).

5. Evaluate Surrounding Areas

At this point, your bathtub and shower curtain should be clean, so the final steps are securing the surrounding area from water, mold, and grime. Whether your bathroom is tile, stone, or any other material, bathrooms are one of the biggest targets for mold because they are exposed to a lot of water. One of the easiest steps to take is drying this area thoroughly on a regular basis, and not allowing water to build up. Giving your tile grout some attention can also reduce risk of mold and keep your floors strong and sturdy for years to come.

When your bathtub and bathroom are clean, you’re lowering your risk of mold and bacteria, and also making your space more pleasant to live in. To learn more about Seattle Bathtub Guy and our services, contact us today!