Leading bathtub refinishing and reglazing in the Greater Seattle Area!

Our Process

Our resurfacing process ensures proper technique and safety while mitigating hassle.

Though resurfacing a bathtub may seem simple, the process is rather tedious and requires the right tools and chemicals to make sure the job is done safely. We are equipped with the tools and the know-how to provide a quick turnaround. Our process is as follows:

  1. Clean the Work Area

    Professionally clean and etch bath fixture to remove grime, bacteria, germs and soap scum from the pores of the piece.

  2. Prepare Surface

    Remove caulking and mask off surrounding surfaces.

  3. Repair Existing Blemishes

    Repair any chips, scratches or cracks to the surface and prime.

  4. Bathtub Refinishing and Reglazing

    Spray on highly durable and glossy coating in the color of your choice.

  5. Cleaning and Buffing

    Remove all masking material and clean work area so you don’t have to **this is a step many other companies leave for their customer to do**


Is your bathtub dingy, scratched, chipped, difficult to clean or the wrong color? Don’t replace it – try refinishing it! 

  • We provide free bathtub refinishing estimates
  • We resurface and reglaze any and all types of tubs
  • We fully warranty our long lasting, high quality finishes
  • We serve the Greater Seattle area from our office in Seattle
  • We can do also service shower pans

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