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Here are some common questions about resurfacing and replacing bathtubs and sinks.

  • What are the advantages to resurfacing my tub, or sink rather than replacing it?

    It is very difficult and expensive to take out an old tub or any other fixture and put in a new one. You must consider the extra cost of a plumber, and the possibility of having to update your plumbing to comply with current building codes. You also do not want to overlook the mess and time it takes to remove your current fixture (tub or sink) when thinking about your options to replace rather than resurface. When resurfacing your fixture, it takes less than one day, we clean up the mess and it will cost just a fraction of the cost to replace.

  • How long does it take to refinish my tub?

    We will have the entire job complete within one day, and usually in less than six hours.  Once we leave you would never know we were there, we even remove all of the masking paper so you do not have any mess to clean up.

  • How long do I have to wait to use my tub?

    You can use your resurfaced tub in as little as 12 hours after the job is complete.

  • Do you guarantee your work?

    We fully guarantee our work. Should you accidently drop something in your tub and chip the new finish, we will come and repair the first chip free of charge.

  • We are remodeling our bathroom, should I have the Bathub Guy come first?

    No, it is best to have all of the other work done in the bathroom first so if something is dropped in the tub we can fix the scratches or chips.  You want us to be the last ones in your bathroom before the job is complete.

  • Can I get a different colored tub?

    You sure can, we can even change from a dark color to a lighter color. If you are sick of that old pink tub and want a fresh look in your bathroom, in just one day you will see an amazing transformation by resurfacing your tub and matching sink if you have it.

  • How about estimates?

    We always give fast, free estimates. Most jobs can be priced over the phone.

  • What should I clean my resurfaced tub with?
      • Lyson Basin and Tile Cleaner
      • Mr. Clean
      • DOW
      • Fantastic

    The best way to keep your tub clean is to wipe it down with a towel after each use. You do not need to wipe it dry. This is usually suggested with new bathtubs too.