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Bathtub Prep and Care After You Visit Seattle Bathtub Guy

Unless you’re a trained bathtub repair specialist yourself, you probably have plenty of questions about the process that’s involved with bathtub repairs and refinishing. At Seattle Bathtub Guy, we want to keep you informed and educated so you can make the best possible decision for your bathtub and budget.

Before you give us a call, check a few things about the condition of your tub. If you’ve got chips or cracks on the surface, try running your fingernail gently along the edge of the damage. If you feel like you can peel part of the finish off, your tub’s probably been refinished in the past and further damage will once again likely require a refinishing.

If your damage appears to be part of the original factory finish, we can do a spot repair and typically avoid doing a full refinish. Refinished bathtubs tend to chip and scratch about 50% easier than with the factory finish, so we try to keep as much of that finish as we can.

If you’re in an older Seattle area home and have an old-fashioned claw foot tub, that’s another story. A claw foot bathtub with exterior and interior damage requires us to take it back to our shop. If it’s just the inside of the claw foot tub, we can handle like any other bathtub and do the work in your home.

Once we’ve gotten that information straightened out, all you need to do is schedule a time for us to come work on it. You can even use it the morning of our repairs – provided there aren’t any serious leaks, of course. And because many of the materials we use were designed with the hotel industry in mind, there’s a very quick turnaround on when you can use your bathroom again, but we wouldn’t advise using your newly repaired tub until the next morning.

The best part about choosing Seattle Bathtub Guy? We fix the first chip or scratch so you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping something onto the surface of your repaired tub. Let us know within 30 days so the damage doesn’t get a chance to spread and get worse.

Contact us today and we’ll set up a time to come get your bathtub back into working shape again.