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Professional Bathtub Repair Versus DIY: What You Should Know

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At Seattle Bathtub Guy, we’ve been in business for years for one simple reason: we’re experienced professionals who are great at what we do (and our reviews are impressive, too). Naturally, we’ve seen lots of competition come and go, but something that we’re frequently asked about is do-it-yourself kits and if they actually work.

Simple answer: it depends. Sure, doing a very minor or small area surface repair will probably do the job just fine – if you don’t having an irregular white patch in your tub. It’s certainly a quick fix, but there’s a serious downside: you’re not a bathtub repairer! A professional can maintain that uniform, color-matched look to your tub so that even the oldest bathtubs won’t have noticeable discolored spots.

We have a specific process to each repair, big or small: First, we clean the work area to prepare the surface around the damage, ensuring grime, germs, and soap scum are removed from the pores of the tub or sink. Next, even if the repair isn’t going to be near any of your fixtures or faucets, we mask those areas off to prevent any accidental damage to them anyway.

The repair materials we use are professional grade. We fix the affected area, color match to your surface, and leave your bathtub looking like the problem was never there to begin with. To ensure the product dries, we recommend waiting until the following morning to use your bathtub.

Another positive aspect of hiring an experienced bathtub repair specialist is that you’re paying for that expert knowledge. For example, most bathtub DIY repair kits are all in one, but if you don’t properly prepare the surface for repairs, you may need to get a long-term fix later on anyway. Seattle Bathtub Guy is in business because we know the difference and our customers love our work.

Don’t fall for the cheap, in-store solution. Do-it-yourself kits have too much potential for headaches and frustrations. The old phrase “you get what you pay for” is never more applicable than in the bathtub repair and refinishing business. Contact Seattle Bathtub Guy and we’ll get the job done right the first time.