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Benefits of Bathtub Spot Repair vs. Full Refinishing

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Everyone has experienced that moment of panic – you dropped something into the bathtub and now there’s a small ding in the surface of the tub. What’s your next step: doing a spot-repair or getting a full refinishing?

While doing a spot-repair on your own may be more cost-effective, there’s always a chance of damage further down the line. A DIY kit or shoddy repair can lead to leaks, rust, or an uneven finish – including uneven coloration in the repaired area! Trust the professionals. At Seattle Bathtub Guy, we believe in saving your time and money. If we can avoid doing a complete refinish, we will. We want to keep the factory finish intact whenever possible, making repairs to the original piece rather than replacing or refinishing. Keeping the factory finish is the most reliable, durable material for your tub. However, should a situation arise where the damage to the tub is too great, we’re also here for a complete refinish job.

Chip and bathtub repair takes experience and an artistic eye – something only we can offer at Seattle Bathtub Guy. As with all our projects, we start with the basics: cleaning! We professionally clean and etch the surface of the tub, removing all grime, soap scum, and bacteria from the pores in the enamel.

Next, we prepare the work area, ensuring none of our materials harm the rest of your bathroom surfaces – something other bathtub technicians sometimes neglect to do.

Our repair process is state-of-the-art, involving the latest available industry tools and eco-friendly chemicals. No more chips, breaks, cracks, or discolorations! We repair damaged surfaces and utilize our experience to expertly restore your tub.

We believe in protecting your bathroom during our repair process. To ensure your fixtures remain clean, we leave our masking materials on your faucets and handles to prevent any leaks or drips from the finish. Again, this is an extra detail only guaranteed by Seattle Bathtub Guy.

Don’t ignore damage to your bathtub. Unfortunately, it will get worse over time.

When you’re ready to repair your bathroom piece, contact us for a free consultation or questions about our repair and refinishing processes.

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