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3 Bathroom Renovations That Can Increase Your Home’s Value

If you’re a homeowner, you’re probably always considering ways to increase your home’s value – both to your family and to a potential buyer sometime down the road.

Experts will tell you that the number one thing to consider for a remodel is your kitchen, but upgrading your master bath is another way to significantly increase the value of your home and attract the envy of your guests. Remember: the less a potential home buyer has to do to bring a home up to date, the more likely they are to choose it over a fixer-upper. Here are 3 bathroom renovations that can increase the value of your home.

Update the Toilet

Unlike other antique or vintage features like a claw foot bathtub or cast-iron washbasin, an older toilet won’t offer a lot of aesthetic or emotional appeal in a bathroom. Upgrading to a sleek tankless or newer high-efficiency toilet is just another thing a potential buyer won’t have to worry about later on, and that’s a major plus.

Accent the Room with Glass

Glass bathtub and shower enclosures really tie a bathroom together by drawing light into the room and spreading it around in beautiful fashion. A decorative glass enclosure is a great way to bring added appeal to your bathroom.

Give the Tub Some Attention

Claw foot bathtubs are back in style and are incredibly valuable if they’re in good condition. But no matter the style or material of your bathtub, if it’s aged or visibly damaged, it might be time for a repair or refinish depending on the severity of the damage. Seattle Bathtub Guy has the tools and expertise needed to restore life to your tub and boost the value of your bathroom.

When you’re ready to check that item off your bathroom to-do list, give Seattle Bathtub Guy a call or use the contact form and we’ll set up a time to repair your damaged bathtub.