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Bathroom Remodels: When Should You Repair Your Bathtub?

bathroom remodel

Remodeling is a complicated process, especially if you’re redoing a bathroom. Removing a central room from daily use can be disruptive to your home, but the end result will be completely worthwhile. However, planning the remodel process and working in stages is key to limiting accidental damage to your bathtub during the work. Whether you’re hiring a contractor or doing the remodel yourself, you’ll want a professional bathtub technician to service and repair your bathtub to make your bathroom remodel truly complete.

Regardless of the extent of your remodel project, you’ll want to take steps to protect the surface of your bathtub. Lay down shop rags or heavy blankets over the surface of your bathtub and sink so that heavy tools and supplies don’t get dropped and chip or scratch the surface. This will also allow workers to safely store materials and light equipment in your tub without the risk of damaging it in the process.

As a general rule, you should always save bathtub and sink repairs until the last stage of your remodel. You don’t want us to come in and perform a repair or refinishing only to need our services again because a worker dropped a hammer in the tub while performing the next stage of the project. Once every other aspect of your remodel is complete, Seattle Bathtub Guy should be your last call to ensure your new bathroom has that brand-new look and feel all the way around.

For more information about our bathtub refinish and repair services or to make us part of your bathroom remodel, give Seattle Bathtub Guy a call. We have fast, free estimates that can help you plan your remodel budget and keep your final costs down. Contact us today!