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Do Bathtub Mats Damage Your Bathtub?

Interior of modern bathroom with bath near window and mat

A nice option for homes with senior citizens or small children, bathtub mats have become a popular solution to a slippery bathtub for many homeowners. While safety is an important consideration, we’ve had many homeowners ask whether or not a bathtub mat is safe for use in your bathtub or if it’s actually doing damage.

Unfortunately, bathtub mats have the potential to seriously harm the surface of your bathtub. Many bathtub mats use suction cups or an adhesive that keeps it in place, either of which can eventually strip away at the surface of a bathtub. Damage caused by bathtub mats can serious deform a tub’s appearance and compromise integrity of the surface, leaving you with a rough texture and uneven appearance.

On resurfaced tubs, bathtub mats can be a significant problem for a shiny new surface. Since a resurfaced tub is structurally weaker than the factory original, the risk of damage is increased.

The good news is that Seattle Bathtub Guy’s resurfacing process can include a non-slip finish that will be safer and less slippery than a normal bathtub finish on its own. While it won’t be as effective as a bathtub mat, it’ll be safer for your bathtub surface in the long run and won’t do any further damage to your bathtub’s surface.

To schedule a bathtub repair or refinish, contact Seattle Bathtub Guy today. Our bathtub maintenance and restoration experts can restore your worn or damaged tub to a like-new condition. And if you accidentally chip or damage your tub after we’ve made our repairs, we’ll fix the first blemish for free!