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Fix the Tub for Mom’s Visit: 6 Easy Steps

business facade with Christmas decorations

The holidays are right around the corner. You’ve got gifts to buy, kids to entertain while school is out, and loose ends to tie up at work. It seemed like a great idea to host Christmas at your house this year, but Mom and the rest of the extended family will be here in a few days and your house could use some serious attention. You don’t want to be told off for having dirty bathrooms, so try these easy steps to spruce your bathroom up for Mom’s visit this year.

1. Rethink your storage: Add a few drawers or shelves to maximize your space

If you have a small bathroom and lots of things, it can be hard to make it look clean and organized. Hanging storage units for sponges and shampoos, vertical storage for towels and toilet paper, and drawer space for makeup, cleaning supplies, and medicine can help condense your clutter and make better use of your space.

2. Find easy ways to add to the aesthetic: Consider replacing old towels and curtains

If your bathroom is generally clean but you think it could use some improvement, consider replacing old supplies or adding some color. Replace old curtains, bathmats, and towels with some brighter color to add a little life to the room. This will give your old bathroom new flair, and Mom and the in-laws will be impressed.  

3. Call the tub guy and schedule the repairs you’ve been putting off all year: Schedule maintenance sooner rather than later

Repairing your dingy or chipped bathtub is a great way to make your whole bathroom look brighter and cleaner. Seattle Bathtub Guy can match any color, so whether your tub is in a standard or custom color we can make it look new again. We also guarantee long lasting, high quality finishes to keep your tub looking top notch for years to come.

4. Take a quick trip to Costco: Make sure you’re stocked up on supplies

Maybe you don’t typically need the 30 pack of paper towels from Costco or Sam’s Club-but if you’ve got some extra people in the house it’s a great excuse to save money and stock up. If you don’t use your guest bathrooms often, make sure they are adequately supplied before your guests arrive. Finding and washing your extra towels, making sure the toilet paper is full, and checking soap and shampoo ahead of time will ensure you can put them on your grocery list before it’s too late.

5. Give the countertops, walls, sinks, and floors some TLC: Clean up the tiles and other bathroom surfaces

A quick once over on all of your bathroom surfaces can make a huge difference on your bathroom’s aesthetic. Using an all-purpose cleaner on all of your bathroom surfaces is a great way to kill germs, make appliances last longer, and leave your bathroom looking significantly cleaner. Pouring a little vinegar or baking soda down the drains is an added bonus that will make sure your drains are running smoothly when the family is in town.   

6. Make mirrors and glass fixtures crystal clear: Don’t forget to clean mirrors and glass surfaces

Getting rid of smudges and imperfections on mirrors and glass fixtures in your bathroom is another way to spruce it up. Windex or all-purpose cleaning wipes will get the job done. If you prefer using natural products, water and white vinegar should also do the trick.

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially when you have visitors coming from out of town. Whether you’re hoping to impress the in-laws with your trendy home or want to make sure the tub is safe and sturdy for when grandpa comes to visit, having clean and safe bathrooms will give you one less thing to worry about this season. For any pre-holiday bathtub renovation needs contact Seattle Bathtub Guy today, and happy holidays from our family to yours!  

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