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Resurfacing for Vintage Bathtubs

red and white tub about to be cleaned

A clawfoot, pedestal, or other vintage bathtub can add real charm and an element of elegant design to any bathing space, whether it’s a guest bath or the master bathroom in your suite. If you have lucked out and found a vintage clawfoot or cast iron tub on the secondary (resale) market, you may feel like you’ve gotten a bargain. If the tub was not purchased, but obtained as part of a home sale, you may have decided to fix it up due to its vintage charm.

Unfortunately, if the visual condition of the tub is less than stellar, however, what you feel like you’ve saved big money on can end up costing quite a bit in terms of time, energy, and frustration.

Vintage Bathtubs Are Only As Attractive as Their Finish

Simply put, a rusted, worn, faded, or chipped finish on your vintage tub will take something that could be an elegant focal point for your bathroom and turn it into an eyesore. If your vintage clawfoot or pedestal tub isn’t looking like an inviting place to take a bath, it’s probably time to consider resurfacing the tub.

Cast iron tubs typically have a smooth finished porcelain surface applied over the cast iron to create a softer, more visually pleasing internal texture and to protect the metal from oxidation from the water it’s meant to hold during your baths. Having that covering removed and replaced via resurfacing can make an old, beat-up tub look like it’s brand new again!

Resurfacing Can Be an Intensive Job

Refinishing on your own can take many hours and can result in very substandard and unappealing finished products. While there are cheap options at most home support and DIY stores for refinishing vintage cast iron tubs, most of these are essentially glorified spray paint. They won’t last, and getting an even application is nearly impossible. Add to that the risk of chemical exposure via the propellant and the risk of trapping things like dirt, lint, or pet hair in the porcelain, and it just makes sense to call in the professionals to resurface your vintage tub.

Vintage Bathtubs Deserve Professional Resurfacing to Maximize Their Potential

A professional bathtub refinished can resurface your tub quickly and cost effectively. A professional service can cost a fraction of what you may pay to replace the tub. If you want to get the most out of the visual impact of your clawfoot tub, and if you want the new finish to last for a long time, your best option is to contact the Seattle Bathtub Guy for professional refinishing and resurfacing of your vintage claw foot tub.

Featured photo source: Pixabay.com