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How to Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner Longer

If you’re a busy person, whether that means a parent, a time-consuming job, or both, you know that cleaning is quite often the thing you do in your “free time.” As you run around throughout the week, tasks start to pile up, and by the time you get some much needed rest, you end up having to pick up after yourself or your family instead of being able to relax like you deserve.

The bathroom can be the worst of these culprits, as you can easily spend an entire Saturday afternoon scrubbing every inch of that room until it sparkles. While you can’t entirely avoid cleaning your bathroom, or rather you shouldn’t, there are some steps you can take to make sure that the bathroom stays cleaner for longer. Here are just a few tips to get the most out of your cleaning.


While this is a somewhat simple step, it can have a large impact on how your bathroom looks. Clutter on top of counters or other available surfaces in your bathroom can make it feel messier and dirtier than it actually is. In order to avoid this issue, define specific areas in the drawers and cabinets where specific items go. Hair and makeup items are notorious for escaping from their bags, so tidying up after each use can make the bathroom seem much more open and less cluttered.

Catch Stains Early

There is nothing worse than trying to clean up a stain that had already set in or hardened. The bathroom is rife with these sorts of messes, whether they’re coming from spilled foundation or the cap off a toothpaste tube. Either way, the amount of work needed to get them out doubles if they dry on your counters. Instead, keep some disinfecting wipes in your cabinet or under your sink in order to clean these messes up when they happen, and save yourself time later.

Take Care of the Shower and Bathtub

Cleaning your shower and bathtub regularly are easy ways to avoid huge messes down the road.The shower curtain is often used, but may be not so often washed. In order to make sure that it’s staying clean as long as possible, spray the bottom of the vinyl liner with bleach, in order to keep the mildew and soap scum away. Additionally, after every shower, make sure that the curtain is spread completely open to dry, so there are no opportunities for mildew to pop up in the closed folds. Refinishing your bathtub in another great way to keep your bathroom cleaner longer.

Avoid Moisture

Moisture is the real killer in the bathroom as it is the cause of many of the necessary cleaning aspects such as mold and mildew. However, keeping moisture out of your bathroom is pretty unavoidable. That being said, there are a few tricks that you can use to avoid as much moisture as possible, with little effort. When you’re showering, crack a window or a door open and turn on the exhaust fan. This will help the moisture dissipate quicker. After the shower, you can also keep a sponge nearby, so that you can quickly wipe down the walls, tub and doors if you have any. Even just a few swipes can help you avoid cleaning the bathroom for longer.

Be proactive
Being proactive and choosing items that will cause less mess is a way to stop messes before they happen. Don’t use items in your bathroom that you know will create cleaning annoyances. Instead of using a bar of soap next to the sink, use liquid soap. It greatly reduces the chance of soap grime in that area. Additionally, while that aromatherapy candle may be calming, it also may be dripping wax. Make sure it is on something that you don’t mind getting dirty, as it will make your cleaning quick and simple.

Bathrooms are not a fun room for anyone to clean, and due to their very nature, they tend to get dirtier much quicker than other rooms. Following these steps can help you to maximize your time between cleanings, so you can make sure to have a little time to yourself. To learn more about maintaining your bathroom and bathtub, contact us today!

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