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Resurfacing for Vintage Bathtubs

red and white tub about to be cleaned

A clawfoot, pedestal, or other vintage bathtub can add real charm and an element of elegant design to any bathing space, whether it’s a guest bath or the master bathroom in your suite. If you have lucked out and found a vintage clawfoot or cast iron tub on the secondary (resale) market, you may feel […]

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10 Bathroom Remodel Pitfalls to Avoid

a great bathroom remodel white tile and walnut cabinets

Everyone has a perfect dream home built and laid out in their minds and many will try to attain that dream house throughout their lives. Of course, the decorations change and the layouts differ as the years go on, yet the dream is always there. For many, a dream home starts as a “fixer-upper” and […]

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Bathtub Safety for Senior Family Members

Whether you or a relative are suffering from decreasing mobility as time goes on, it’s important to maintain a level of safety and comfort in and around your bathroom. It’s understandable that many families don’t have the budget for new walk-in tubs or compact shower tubs, so if you’re looking for a way to improve […]

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5 Bathroom Maintenance Tips to Help You Survive Winter

Winter is upon us and homes all across the United States have closed up tight in an effort to stay warm, but with excess rainfall in the Seattle area, humidity and moisture have the potential to wreak havoc on bathrooms all around the area, no matter how modern or well-kept. Keep these 5 bathroom maintenance […]

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Bathroom Remodels: 3 Signs You Need a New Bathtub

Sometimes, despite all your hopes and efforts, your old, damaged bathtub is too far gone to easily repair. Although our expertise in the bathtub repair and refinishing industry has afforded us the ability to tackle major restorations and bring back many old tubs to working condition, there are instances in which we recommend installing a […]

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