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How To Fix These 4 Everyday Home Problems

As you begin to close up your windows and doors in preparation for cold and drafty winter months, you may begin to notice faults in and around your home. Chores and maintenance tasks are never ending for a homeowner, but even if your home is fairly new and modern, there are a few things you’ll […]

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How Acrylic Bathtubs Are Made

Ever wondered how acrylic bathtubs are made? Seattle Bathtub Guy has covered the process and materials used to make these light-weight durable, widely used bathtubs.

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Do Bathtub Mats Damage Your Bathtub?

  A nice option for homes with senior citizens or small children, bathtub mats have become a popular solution to a slippery bathtub for many homeowners. While safety is an important consideration, we’ve had many homeowners ask whether or not a bathtub mat is safe for use in your bathtub or if it’s actually doing […]

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