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5 Bathroom Maintenance Tips to Help You Survive Winter


Winter is upon us and homes all across the United States have closed up tight in an effort to stay warm, but with excess rainfall in the Seattle area, humidity and moisture have the potential to wreak havoc on bathrooms all around the area, no matter how modern or well-kept. Keep these 5 bathroom maintenance tips in mind while you look forward to a warmer spring:

Improve Your Bathroom’s Ventilation

We can’t stress this enough – even if you have a ceiling fan or vent in your bathroom, there’s no better upgrade for your bathroom than an improved ventilation system. Increasing the airflow in your bathroom can dramatically reduce the chances of mold and mildew growth in your bathroom’s construction materials, which will also offset the potential for certain health risks and respiratory problems.

Regrout Your Tile

Grout is the primary cause for concern when it comes to rot due to mold and mildew and there’s no better indoor home improvement project for the chilly winter months than a complete regrouting project for your tile surfaces.

Clean Twice as Often

With the humidity of winter in Seattle, built-up moisture in your bathroom can increase the potential for mold and mildew (sound familiar?), so taking the extra effort to clean and bleach your bathroom surfaces twice as often as usual will help offset the chances of natural growth in your bathroom this winter.

Fix Leaks

Leaking faucets, drains, and pipes are not only massive drains on your water bills, they can lead to catastrophic damage in your bathroom’s construction materials. Even the slowest leaks can lead to rotten boards, cracks in your foundation, and near incalculable water waste over a long period of time. Replacing fixtures with water-efficient faucets and showerheads also makes for a great holiday gift, so there’s no excuse for leaky plumbing this winter.

Repair Your Bathtub

There are plenty of reasons to repair your shoddy or damaged bathtub this winter, but we’ll keep the list to three: First, the cosmetic benefits of having an immaculate bathtub should speak for themselves, as guests and visitors will often consider a bathtub the centerpiece of a bathroom and will judge the rest of the room accordingly. Second, any cracks, dings, or imperfections in the finish can lead to larger structural problems later on and cause water to leak from the tub. Finally, with cold temperatures outside, your family will be spending more time in your bathtub and shower, as the feeling of steaming hot water is so much more comfortable during the chilly winter months. Why not make it that much more enjoyable for them this holiday season?

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