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Bathroom Remodels: 3 Signs You Need a New Bathtub

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Sometimes, despite all your hopes and efforts, your old, damaged bathtub is too far gone to easily repair. Although our expertise in the bathtub repair and refinishing industry has afforded us the ability to tackle major restorations and bring back many old tubs to working condition, there are instances in which we recommend installing a new bathtub. If you’re uncertain as to the condition of your tub and whether or not it can be repaired, consider these 3 major signs that your tub needs to be replaced:

1. Excessive Cracking

While it’s impossible to assess the condition of a cracked bathtub without actually seeing it yourself, we can confidently say that if your tub has severe cracks along the basin of the tub that threatens its structural integrity, it’s probably time to replace the fixture with a modern tub. That being said, smaller cracks can often be repaired by a skilled bathtub repair specialist. Due to the nature of the damage, it’s highly recommended that you don’t attempt to repair these cracks on your own, as many over-the-counter bathtub repair kits can cause further, more permanent damage.

2. Rust

While cast iron tubs will show some signs of rusting, they won’t typically rust through completely and therefore necessitate replacement. However, sheet metal bathtubs that have rusted through around the drain are ticking time bombs and its only a matter of time before they fail completely. It’s best to replace these before further damage occurs to your plumbing and construction materials.

3. Low Spots

Sheet metal bathtubs with low spots or misshapen areas around the bottom of the tub that collect water are at risk of discoloration and eventual rusting, requiring a homeowner to replace the bathtub to avoid additional damage.

Regardless of the extent of the damage, it’s always wise to consult a bathtub repair specialist like Seattle Bathtub Guy before you decide to replace your bathtub. Due to the nature of the expense and the labor involved in completing the project, we’ll always try to fix your bathtub to the best of our abilities before recommending a total replacement. If you’re uncertain whether or not your tub is safe to use, contact Seattle Bathtub Guy today to schedule a consultation or repair appointment.