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What to Do with Your Old, Unusable Bathtub

Garden in a bath tub

Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom and replacing an old tub with a modern, sleek new model or simply need to make a bathtub upgrade, there’s an overarching question that comes with a new one: what should you do with and old, unusable bathtub?

Option 1: Get Rid of It

A new bathtub can cost you north of $3,000 when adding in the cost of fixtures, installation, and removal of the old tub. You can offset that by selling your tub for scrap and reclaiming a couple hundred dollars depending on the tub’s material and condition, but if it’s too far gone to be reused for it’s original purpose, there’s not a lot of value to be had on the secondhand market. Old bathtubs, however, take up a tremendous amount of space in landfills and certainly aren’t biodegradable, so tossing it into a heap isn’t the recommended course of action here. 

Option 2: Refinish It

If a bathtub has any chance of being rescued and reused for its intended purpose, it’s only thanks to a professional bathtub repair specialist. Not only can they assess the damage to your tub, but they can safely and effectively extend its life and return it to a beautiful, consistent state. Sure, it’ll cost you a bit of cash, but it’s nothing compared to the cost of ripping out and replacing an entire bathtub in your home. It’s worth having a conversation before you make a decision, so if you’re on the fence, give Seattle Bathtub Guy a call.

Option 3: Reuse It

This is one of the most interesting and creative solutions to an old, worn-out bathtub on your property: reusing it! Plenty of homeowners (especially those with natural, overgrown landscaping aesthetics) use old bathtubs and wash basins for gardening pots, flower beds, and decorative additions to their outdoor areas. If you have the DIY know-how and the inclination, some homeowners have even turned their old tubs into cute and cozy loveseats and park benches. Architecture Art Designs has a great collection of ideas for reusing your old tub – check out all 13 here.

Not sure what to do with your old tub? Seattle Bathtub Guy can help. Give us a call today to assess the state of your tub and get expert advice as to whether you should refinish, repair, replace, or reuse.