The Smiths’ Bathroom Sink refinishing

Mr. Smith had a sink that was barely alive. First of all, it was pink, and being the bachelor he was he didn’t want a pink sink any longer. Second of all, the sink had so many chips and cracks in it that water started to leak through the bottom of it. After I came in and did my magic, I repaired all the chips and cracks, and blasted it with a new coat of white glaze. After a 24-hour cure time, Mr. Smith was back using his sink. Another happy customer.


The Jones’ Kitchen Resurfacing

The first look at this kitchen and I couldn’t imagine how anyone would want to prepare food or even be around the mess. The tiles were moldy, the caulk was stripping off, and the kitchen sink was so weathered and moldy that it was darn close to needing a replacement. After assessing the damage, we found out that we could save this kitchen. After 3 hours, the tiles were cleaned and resurfaced, as well as the kitchen sink. Looks as good as new.


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